The Draper tables project has been designed as piece of the main furnitures 2019 collection of via the Talent lab contest. The Draper Tables are declined in two models: the first one is a round tortoiseshell resin tray textand the second one, a round greenish marble traytext (diameter: 700mm) on a steel structure (400mm x 500mm) with two wheels. These tables has a strong and modern aesthetic which you can adorn a place with. The basic shapes and the curved lines design a table that has a timeless and chic material on top that adds a subtle detail to the overall picture. The main table is adjustable to ten different heights from 620mm to 1020mm. It is easy to move and very resistant to weight, so it can hold items with ease.

By watching the TV show Mad Men over and over again, we started to collect pictures of the many drinks trolleys you see in the offices and apartments of the show. So, what about getting inspired by these products and thinking an adjustable contemporary table? Then, we started designing the Draper table, which is named after the main character Don Draper in reference to the real Draper Daniels, who’s an American legend of advertising. We’ve been inspired by the color palettes of the 1960s office interiors and from several other designers such as the Eames and their metallic structures of the Loby chairs, the curved details from Mølgaard-Nielsen furnitures, and some influences from the Mies Van der Rohe design. Then, we twisted the whole thing with materials we like to work with and made it more spontaneous and less static.

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      Julien Baiamonte