The exhibition «The Animal Party» questions the relationship between humans and their pets. For the occasion, a scenographic language inspired by the famous and very elegant dog shows has been developed. The visitor is treated as a pet and must complete the course in order to discover exhibited objects during Il Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milano.

      Project in collaboration with

      Noam Toran

      Arno Mathies

      Emma Pflieger

      Océane Izard

      Shu-hua Chang

      Sara Madrane

      Marine Girard

      Kaisly Oksa

      Katarina Dacic

      Marine Khemis

      Laura Loyola

      Léopold Mialet

      Exhibition currated by Alewandra Midal

      Photo credits
    • ©

      HEAD – Genève / Dylan Perrenoud