"Pli 04 - Matière(s)"
— On the occasion of the 4th issue of the architecture and editorial magazine "Pli 04 - Matière(s)", the releasing show was launched at the Pavillon des Canaux in Paris on the 27th September 2018. We developed a playful scenography articulated around foam sculptures and soft red pvc curtains. While hierarchizing the space, the whole set is inspired by the american fashion stages from the Fashion Week and recreates suralistic scenes punctuated by full and empty spots.

      Project in collaboration with

      L'Atelier PAF! directed by Christopher Dessus and Julien Baiamonte for the set design.
      — Curation directed by L'Atelier PAF! directed by Christopher Dessus.
      — Production managers : Audrey Guimard and Eva Moari.

      Photo credits
    • ©

      Ivan Mathie