"Matières Premières" is a side exhibition connected to the release of the 4th issue of the architecture and editorial magazine named "Pli 04 — Matière(s)". It was launched at the 34 Greneta Galery in Paris on the 4th of October 2018.

The show is conceived as a space dedicated to exchanges and contacts. The pedestrals are designed on a visually dynamic aggregates system such as "clusters". It's so adjustable that the scenography evolves constantly in the galery. While the first influences / intentions / thoughts from several creative processes are shown to the public as the main content of this exhibition, it seems legitimate to work with material that is usually hidden as much as these processes. The industrial foam appears as great experimentation till we use it as a scenographic and technical tool. This filling material is today revealed in its most primitive aspect as it is used without transformation. In addition, the repetition of certain geometric elements and the absence of ornamentation help to focus on the essential: these raw materials from designers, artists, architects and other creatives presented.

Even if these micro-structures put in front of the public the roughness of the foam, the contents and the container interact so much that it becomes difficult to discern the object of curation from the pedestral itself till the public gets a serie of 10 sculptures.

The "Matières Premières" set analyzes and materializes a world supposed to be from thoughts. We question an isolated theoretical purity from matter and materials via an experimental, intuitive and immersive set.

      Project in collaboration with

      L'Atelier PAF! directed by Christopher Dessus and Julien Baiamonte for the set design.
      — Curation directed by L'Atelier PAF! directed by Christopher Dessus.
      — Production managers : Audrey Guimard and Eva Moari.

      Photo credits
    • ©

      Ivan Mathie