“L’appartamento de Gisèle” is a 4 windows serie project intended for a woman ready to wear brands space. The GB boutique main concept is to promote a fashion accessible to a wide variety of body types. Via GB’s boutique, we don't glorify morbid obesity as a lifestyle but rather an acceptance of yourself. The owner allows young designers as well as Brands already well established in the field to only sell women's ready-to-wear collections ranging from size 36 to size 56. All brands presented in stores have this particularity to not neglect the aesthetics and the quality of fabrics instead of the practical aspect people are used to look for when it deals with large size clothes.

On the occasion of the soon 13 years GB’s boutique anniversary, the owner asked us to design a 4 windows serie for the upcoming year. We came up by questioning a familiar notion to the journalist Paola Tuzzi (Antidote magazine): «Is the private apartment the future of the shopping?»

The idea of creating a safe self-esteem space dedicated to customers who don’t fit the actual fashion merchandising strategies has been relevantly necessary to design this project. By extrapolating the characteristics of the domestic and private spaces, the boutique becomes a hybrid space dealing with well-being, customers interactions and sales. How set and product designs can tam the various aspects of the intimate space to open it up to a boutique?

We agreed to compare the boutique to a small apartment, as an “appartamento”. Then, we developed a series of steel modules and mirror boxes whose sizes and shapes suggest domestic furnitures called "the shelf, the lamp, the stool and the table". They don’t necessarily function as what they are named after but when they are associated together, they set small merchandising spaces similar to kind of none figurative living rooms. In order to visually mark the different windows, the trays of each module was declined in 4 materials: OSB wood, bacarra marble, green onyx and industrial composite gum.

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      co-production with Geoffrey Martinez and Julien Baiamonte

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      Julien Baiamonte