— emojis + glyphs: the hiemojyphs alphabet as the resurrection of the lost adamic language or the mutation of an hypothetical universal proto-language writing down the next conversations of a near future.

"The emojis + glyphs: hiemojyphs" is a visual reseach book speculating on the future of our written systems of communication. Through several chapters, the booklet collects visuals, graphics, screen shoots of written conversation glorifying the experimental overuse of emoji icons and other contemporary connected contents.

According to the evolution of our society into the digital age, the way we transcript messages is mutating while we figure out we need new words, new symbols to express and define informations we would like to share. Is it the first stage of a universal system of communication? By enriching our vocabulary with symbols like glyphs and emojis, can we talk about a plausible proto-language that materializes abstract sensitive contents? What if we get so advanced on our emoji skills, that we basically go back to writing in hieroglyphics? can we talk about contemporary hiemojyphics? What if emoji + glyphs have the capacity to resolve our vocabulary carrences by bringing an hypothetical universal proto-language to the next stage of the communication? Would it be soon possible to pronounce emojis when the current reading of those new kind of symbols works like a rebus? how can we attribut an articulate sound to a new symbolic system? What if that « hiemojyphs alphabet » is part of a contemporary babel tower myth reenactment? Does it mean we could considerer it as a mutation of the adamic language? If we speculate about the hiemojyphs alphabet as a futur earth universal system of communication, what would look like the last written human kind testimony when we try to contact other extraterrestrial intelligent species?

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