"A table & au-delà - L'irrationnel moderne : la matérialisation des esprits à la maison " is a thesis presented during the Master's graduation project at HEAD - Genève in 2016. It is a 289mm x 380mm newspaper of 64 pages, printed in 12 copies.

The emergence of technical progress of the late nineteenth century mainly operate on the communication devices that are exploding at that time. The need to communicate is essential in everyday life and we wonder if an immediacy between two people is achieved through the phone, what it would be in a possible exchange with loved dead people, and so with their spirits ? If some have always thought it was possible to speak with the deads, new communication technologies newly hatched, could they not turn, promote rapid exchanges with the deads ? Establish contact to the afterlife fascinates. Then how, during the nineteenth century, did spiritualist people tam the technic ? Inspecting several stagings of these communication systems to maintain contact with the spirits, «A table et Au-delà» reflects the interest that have designers for new modes of communications. More transmission equipments are modernized, the more designers are looking for immediacy. This thesis discusses the design of a disembodiment communication system as a new language and a new kind of design of these devices related to the use of this practice, which is called Modern Spiritualism.w Today, we inspect the product design or architecture in the service of the communication between the living and the deads during the nineteenth century and how this entier process has a real impact on the way designers are thinking communication devices today maybe because they wish to have that ubiquitus power of being in two different places in the same time without considering space and time issues . In order to control a maximum of exchanges between these two worlds, the psychic has been a designer and designed devices to amplify that supposedly modern communication with the spirits until he sets them in space.

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      Spaces & Communication Master Thesis, 2016.

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      Tutor: Alexandra Midal

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