Starting his journey with the graphic design bachelor program at the Bellecour art and design University in Lyon (FR), Julien Baiamonte intentionally used strong influences from fashion to integrate it in his graphic creation process. He tames that interdisciplinary process within his practice and combines theoretical elements with a pop culture he loves. The plasticity and aesthetics developed allow him to challenge the contemporary society perceptions with playful and intriguing approaches. After completing the program in Lyon, he developed his skills more thanks to the education he received via the Spaces and Communication master program at HEAD — Genève (CH). During these 2 years, he opened himself up to new know how, new mediums and invested new frontiers. By choosing not to specialize in a particular field, he completely redefined his perception of design and opened himself to experiment between the objects, the materialization of spaces and also the different stages of communications. Then, he tackled them and questioned their abilities together in the claim of creating unexpected experiences.

After graduating from this master program, he participated as a graphic designer on the «Petit h fait son cinéma» collaborative project for Petit h by Hermès Paris. This project was launched on November 2016 in Switzerland (CH). After that, he planed his entire year to travel with a first stop in NYC (USA). Discovering new cultures and working for other designers, curators and artists motivated him to take this bold step. With his eyes set on New York (USA), Rotterdam (NL), Barcelona (SP) and Los Angeles (USA), he starts his journey into the unknown depths of design.

Julien Baiamonte is currently back in NYC (USA) as a multidisciplinary freelance designer after 7 months experience at Studio Spass and also at Koehorst In t’Veld Studio in Rotterdam (NL). He also held his first talk at Rotterdam Creative Morning and organized in France a workshop dealing about the perception of the motel in movies with history of arts students . Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, Julien Baiamonte has recently started to bridge the gap between the rational and the irrational in his work. He investigated the relationship between technology and the occult through installations and performances, using several aspects of the modern irrational to feed speculative narratives he wanted to anchor in our contemporary society.

written by B. Metral